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Beware of Scam Phishing Emails

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A ‘new’ scam has been circulating we felt it was prudent to warn our customers about.

The scam is simple. The criminals inspect the contact us list on the company web site, identify the president and accountant names and email addresses. They then send an email to the accountant as if it is coming from the company president asking to make a quick payment of a large amount of money.

We’ve seen cases where the criminals register a domain very similar to the company they are attacking. This way they have an email address very similar to the president’s email and can reply back to any questions from the accountant without the president seeing the emails.

This type of scam is nothing new, but we’ve seen some very convincing examples of this lately.

Windows 10

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Windows 10 has been released and we love it!

Some of the business features and benefits we love:
– Familiar from a user experience standpoint
– Simplified management and deployment to help lower costs
– Continuous delivery of updates (no massive fork-lift upgrades in the future)
– In-place upgrades from Windows 7 or 8 that are focused on making device wipe-and-reload scenarios obsolete
– Delivers one universal app platform, one security model, and one deployment and management approach
– It isn’t Windows 8 🙂
– Fundamentally improving security at the OS and hardware level
– Cortana (with some messing about can be useful)
– Natural file search
– Continuum, separate Tablet and Desktop modes