Catch weaknesses before they occur

  • Tuor Networks Experts will meet with you to understand your business and desired requirements
  • Our experts will perform a thorough security scan of your organization, pinpointing and recommending areas of potential threat or weakness
  • Work with your IT to perform evaluations of your systems
  • Deliver a written report containing issues found, including prioritizing the fixes
  • A quotation to assist in rectifying the issues found is included with the assessment

According to the Gartner Group, 50% of small and midsize enterprises who manage their own Internet security have experienced an Internet-based attack, (i.e. Web site hacking and the spreading of viruses). More than 60% of those enterprises will be unaware that they have been attacked (Gartner Group, FT-12-3607).

Security Solutions

Security Assessment

Knowledge Transfer

Alongside a senior security expert, we examine your systems without disruption to your network. We work closely with one of your dedicated team members to gain deeper insights into your environment and IT processes.


The key to a successful security assessment is solid training and knowledge transfer with those who will continue to maintain the environment. Tuor provides a highly focused and personalized knowledge transfer throughout the engagement. Ensuring success after we’ve completed the assessment.